Beauty Review: Hello, Flawless Skin with Purer Skin!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

These days the trend is the “no-makeup, barely there look. But the thing is- not everybody will be able to carry off this trend because you need to have clear, flawless skin that glows from within. But even the barely there natural makeup look takes work!

I wouldn't say that I have flawless skin, but i think since I’ve converted to the Purer Skin regime 4 months ago it's helluva improvement as compared from before- a lot of my old pimple scars which has "stayed" with me for years is even fading, the best part is the redness on my chin area is pretty much gone!
Luckily for us, with Purer Skin, flawless skin is just a Purer Symphony away!

 Ku Hye-sun [age: 28]

Lee Min Jung [age: 31]

I used to be a Korean Drama nut and I remember always being envious of these Korean Actresses especially Ku Hye-sun in Boys Over Flower!
I know it's still great makeup skills and great lighting and all, but they definitely got the flawless, smooth skin pinned down to a T!

When you watch American dramas, you see the Caucasian actresses who are really pretty but in all the close-up shots a lot of them look like they are wearing extremely thick makeup and the skin is uneven with all the pimples etc, so achieving flawless clear skin is a must!

How do you look flawless like the pretty korean ladies above, in these days where we're living in a highly stressful environment, whether you have to juggle many responsibilities like your career as a busy working adult, or if you're a mother and you have to take care of your family etc.

But the key to carry off the no-makeup natural look is to first have perfect, dewy skin!

Seeing how my skin improved so much, I have a couple really simple tips that i'd like to share [ that you can try too! ] to fully reap the benefits of my Purer Skincare products such as the below:

✧ I  mix one part of Night Recovery and one part of my makeup primer together to soothe and keep my skin hydrated when i have makeup on all day long at work! I felt that after i started doing that my makeup tends to stay on longer!

After application of  my favorite product in this regime- the Miracle Serum,  I would always wait for at least 2 mins for the serum to be fully absorbed by my skin before following up with Night Recovery, because if your skin does not absorb your skincare, no matter how expensive or good a product is, it will go to waste!

I apply a layer of Miracle Serum to prep my skin before applying my night mask, do you know it this will increase the efficiency of the mask? *thumbs up*

 Night Recovery to be used as a jelly mask on areas that wrinkles are more likely to form- such as laugh lines, forehead, outer corner of the eyes. I believe that prevention is the secret to “extending” your skin’s youthfulness!

 Night recovery in the fridge use as Rescue mask if you were under the hot sun all day, like recently i went to Montigo for a weekend getaway with my girlfriends.

all we did was laze on the float in the pool all day and my skin was a little dry and even started peeling around my nose, when i got home i used my chilled Night Recovery as my quick rescue mask and my skin was feeling so much better right after! The peeling stopped the very next morning, hydrating 200% hahaha.

Since my skin is so much better because of Purer skin now, i hardly use any of my heavier coverage base makeup anymore, my main focus these days when i use base makeup is really to correct / brighten my skin tone and not so much to cover blemishes, a CC Cream could be your holy grail product.

The brightening effect is much better than BB Cream, it is also more moisturising compared to typical BB Creams and usually contains more skincare ingredients that is helpful in maintaining healthy skin!


Do you know It takes at least 28 days to start seeing results from any anti-aging skincare products?
Although Purer skin gave me amazing results after i used it for a week or so, but after 4 months the results is simply amazing!
But just keep in mind, an anti-aging skincare regiment takes time—AND patience!
Don’t expect to notice dramatic changes in fewer than four weeks, if you see results from using your Purer Skin Regime with the above tips i just shared, that's a wonderful bonus for ya! (:

After 28 days, you should be able to see results, which will gradually accumulate with continued use.

For me in my 1st month, my skin started to really get deeply hydrated thanks to the nourishing Bird's Nest with its nanotechnology and the redness caused by my oily dehydrated, sensitive skin around my chin area is simply gone for good. I'm truly grateful because alot of times the redness can't even be covered with makeup and it's really god-awful.

Now i'm seeing improvements like pimple scars disappearing simply by being diligent in cleansing/toning/hydrating with my Purer Skin Symphony products!
You know what? You can help the process along by getting enough sleep,
Keeping hydrated by drinking enough H2o and managing your stress-
all of which help your skin renew itself.

Purer Skin is available online at and also available in the selected 11 Watsons stores.
Purer Skin Watsons stores: ION Orchard, Parkway Parade, Bugis Junction, JEM, Ngee Ann City, Jurong Point, Marina Square, Vivocity, Raffles City, Toa Payoh (HDB) Hub, Compass Point.

 Loves, TheLuckiestChick.